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released December 16, 2012




Joseph Ride Italy

Joseph Ride is the name under which a guy from south Italy happened to write and record, along with some other friends, a bunch of plain melody-oriented songs composed and arranged with a total D.I.Y. attitude. The tracks on this page the result of all that, as they are part of his first EP. All songs (more or less) are about: acute lazyness, daily dumbness, silly loneliness. Big thanks to: Karate ... more

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Track Name: Last December
Could be the last time I remember
The time we’ve spent here last December
Great buildings running through my memories
It’s nice to celebrate when it doesn’t happen

Will you ever be here for me again
Haven’t met you but still miss you again
Those days were such a dream but they all fade
It’s just a stupid feeling, I don’t care
Track Name: Diggin'
Diggin’ the time
Diggin’ a hole
We’re talking of life but
What do I know?

Closing goodbye
We’re nothing but high
Don’t wanna go around
Wasting my time

End of the road
Ready to blame
No one to hold and
Nothing’s the same

We’re looking for
Strangers out there
Places to live in
And something to share

Ever seen a star fall twice?
Ever been in love two times?
Track Name: People From Your Town
The daily blade is gonna hurt
I can’t imagine how to start
The million things you’ve said before
They will not help you anymore

A fascination for the ghost
That wakes you up to keep you lost
Dreams that always float around
People leaving from your town

Now something’s gonna fill the void
Getting ready to destroy
All the things I knew before
I don’t need them anymore

A fascination for the mask
That makes you dumb so really fast
You wish you never have around
People coming from your town